1. Is Flossing Really That Important? Yes, According to Your Glendale Family Dentist

    Most of the population when asked that question every six months, 'do you floss every day?' tells a little white lie by answering 'yes.' However, according to your Glendale Family Dentist at Hillside Dental Group,  flossing your gums is an extremely important part of dental hygiene.  We all know that, ideally, our patients would floss after every meal. We also understand those are some very hig…Read More

  2. Electric or Manual Toothbrush? Consult Your Dentist in the Glenda, CA Area

    The pros and cons of electric tooth brushes vs. manual tooth brushes have a debate for quite some time. However, Hillside Dental Group, your premier dentist in Glendale, CA, thinks the debate is a landslide! Electronic tooth brushes are much more efficient at controlling plaque. They also offer a better cleaning overall compared to manual tooth brushes because of their vibrations.  Because electr…Read More

  3. Savings at Your Best Glendale Dentist!

    x-Rays, teeth cleanings, and teeth fillings can get pretty pricey and add up quickly. For that reason, your local Glendale dentist office offers $245 worth of services at a discounted rate of$155!  That price includes X-rays, a cleaning, and an exam for over $100 in savings for our customers.  At Hillside Dental Group, we like to give back and make sure all of our clients can afford the appropri…Read More

  4. CA Dentist in Glendale-Thinking Ahead

    If you're ever looking for a new dentist in the Glendale, CA area, consider Hillside Dental Group! We think ahead when it comes to our patients. To ensure your time is not wasted, our patients are offered the opportunity to view and fill out our new patient forms before the scheduled appointment. We also post our insurance information on our website. For convenience, opt to schedule your appointme…Read More

  5. Your Glendale Dentist and Financing

    Hillside Dental Group, your Glendale Dentist, believes everyone should have the opportunity for professional dental care. If you thought dental care was out of your reach, think again. We do accept most insurance companies used by the major employers in our area. In addition, our company offers financial assistance to our customers. Any bill paid in full (cash)  that is above $200 can enjoy a 5% …Read More

  6. Schedule Your Appointment Online at Your Glendale Family Dentist

    Visit Hillside Dental Group today to schedule your appointment via our website!  We understand days are full of appointments, errands, and obligations.  For convenience, we offer our clients the option to conduct scheduling online. Simply enter some of your personal information, including patient status (new or existing), along with your family members' names and phone numbers. One of our recept…Read More

  7. Looking for a Dentist in Glendale, CA?

    If you are looking for a dental profession with experience, a friendly environment, and a list of degrees and certificates, you have found the right place! At Hillside Dental Group, our Dr. Raffi Yessayantz DDS, has been practicing dental surgery for over 25 years! With a degree from UCLA, he has stayed in the California community for quite a while. Hillside Dental Group is a member of the America…Read More

  8. Glendale Dentist on Fillings

    At your Dentist at Hillside Dental Group in Glendale, we perform cavity fillings after the holidays have taken their course on our teeth. Generally, our patients come twice a year and only for less than an hour. However, our fillings will last you anywhere from 5-12 years! To make you a little more comfortable, we will apply a numbing anesthetic to the area of your mouth we will be focusing on.  …Read More

  9. Come See Your Dentist in the 91202 Zip Code For Your Spring Cleaning!

    Come in for your spring teeth cleaning at your dentist in the 91202 zip code! At Hillside Dental Group, we understand that oral hygiene contributes to whole body health. That is why we use high quality and state of the art equipment. Our professionally trained experts are prepared to supervise care for your entire family! Take a trip to our office to complete your first appointment evaluation. I…Read More

  10. Let Hillside Dental Group be Your Glendale Family Dentist

    For new dental patients, Hillside Dental Group would like to offer you the opportunity to save over $140 on dental services! We are accepting all new patients whether your family is made up of adults or kids! We understand families can't always afford the expense associated to oral hygiene. That is why, at Hillside Dental  Group, we offer a patient education center to answer and explain all your…Read More