At Glendale Dental Care, we offer many dental services to our customers including bridges, fillings, veneers, and teeth whitening! If you smile isn’t as winter white as  you’d like it to be, come in today and experience our professional whitening procedure. Our whitening process is completely pain free and will last less than an hour. Our experienced dentists will double check your gums and  lips are protected before applying our professional level strength whitening gel.  Once the gel is applied, our patients will sit under a special light for 15 minutes to complete the first step of the whitening process. To make sure we brighten your smile correctly, Glendale Dental Care will repeat the gel application and lighting process twice more. If an in office visit isn’t for you, try our at home whitening care kit! Unlike store bought kits, we offer a higher concentration of whitening product. Let us prove the difference to you at Glendale Dental Care.