1. Visit Our Dentist in the 91202 Area for Your Best Teeth Cleaning!

    Your dentist most likely recommends two teeth cleanings a year to keep up with your hygeine plan. With your dentist in the 91202 area, we can help fulfill those expectations! At Hillside Dental Group, you'll find a team of dedicated professionals ready to clean and polish those teeth as well as advise on the best plan to keep them clean! If you're not available for an appointment quite yet, visit …Read More

  2. Visit Your Dentist in the 91202 Area Can Fill Those Cavities

    When you're looking for the best dentist in the 91202 area, we can help. At Hillside Dental Group, you'll find the most hospitable and knowledgeable dental hygiene services. Because we are well versed in a variety of treatments including teeth removal, cavity fillings, crowns, and more, we are fully prepared to advise on your issue. Don't live with that tooth ache any longer! Give us a call today …Read More

  3. Don’t Hire Just Anyone to Deal with your Teeth, Contact Our Dentist in the 91202 Area!

    When you’re looking for dental care in Glendale, CA, call your expert business in the area. With our additions to your family including cleaning, x-rays, and dental surgery, you'll have a reason to show off your smile! At your dentist in the 91201 area, you may notice our perfect mix of budget and affordable yet detail-oriented services. Don’t hire just anyone to work on your most precious ass…Read More

  4. Take Advantage of Our New Patient Special at Your Dentist in 91202

    Dental work and regular cleanings can get expensive relatively quickly. At your dentist in the 91202 area, we are able to offer your family savings on our x-rays, cleanings, and exams! If you or your child is in need of a check-up, visit the Hillside Dental Group. In our office, you'll find our services valued at $295 for just $155! Your family's dental hygiene will no longer be dependent on the h…Read More

  5. As A New Customer, You’ll Rake in the Savings at Your Dentist in the 91202 Area

    These past few years have been tough financially for the economy. If you're still feeling the effects of the recession, know that you are not alone. At the Hillside Dental Group, your dentist in 91202, you'll find we like to pass the savings onto our clients as much as possible. If you're a new client looking for a general check-up, you could not have come at a better time. Our office will offer a…Read More

  6. If You’re Looking for a Dental Bridge, See Our Dentist in the 91202 Area

    Over the years, teeth do wear down. If you've got healthy teeth between spaces of gums or decaying teeth, a bridge is probably the best idea for your smile and dental health. At our dentist office in the 91202 area, we'll provide either a removable or fixed bridge, depending on your preference. Contact us today to set up your appointment! First, you'll be numbed to decrease pain while our technici…Read More

  7. Is the Root of Your Tooth Enflamed? It Might Be Time For a Visit to Your Dentist in the 91202 Area

    If you or a member of your family needs a root canal ASAP, contact Hillside Dental Group, your dentist in the 91202 area. Our certified endodontists are able to preform your root cancel in a gentle, professional, and quick manner. With two years of extra training in dental care, they are fully equipped to apply anesthetic, and insert a dental dam to keep your infected tooth in place. Once the gum …Read More

  8. Losing Teeth from Injury, or Decay? Visit Your Dentist at 91202

    If your not completely satisfied with your smile, you may want to consider the concept of dentures. Dentures can replace your teeth that have been lost from decay or injury. Your dentist in 91202 can completely renew your smile! We have two different types  of dentures to offer our clients. If you're looking for something to completely replace your teeth, we can offer you a full denture set. Othe…Read More

  9. Come See Your Dentist in the 91202 Zip Code For Your Spring Cleaning!

    Come in for your spring teeth cleaning at your dentist in the 91202 zip code! At Hillside Dental Group, we understand that oral hygiene contributes to whole body health. That is why we use high quality and state of the art equipment. Our professionally trained experts are prepared to supervise care for your entire family! Take a trip to our office to complete your first appointment evaluation. I…Read More

  10. Looking for a Dentist in the 91202 Area Code? Try Hillside Dental Group!

    If you're looking for a dentist in the 91202 area code, give Hillside Dental Group a try!  At Hillside Dental Group we've been taking care of the dental health needs of Glendale, California and the surrounding areas for over 25 years.  Our dentist, Dr. Raffi Yessayantz D.D.S., has trained with some of the most respected family and cosmetic dentists in the world, and is committed to continuing ed…Read More