At your Dentist at Hillside Dental Group in Glendale, we perform cavity fillings after the holidays have taken their course on our teeth. Generally, our patients come twice a year and only for less than an hour. However, our fillings will last you anywhere from 5-12 years! To make you a little more comfortable, we will apply a numbing anesthetic to the area of your mouth we will be focusing on.   Before we actually fill your teeth, we remove any part that has been damaged or is decaying. After all  the gunk is out, we  secure your tooth with a dental damn to keep your filling in place and to prevent from future damage. As soon as we apply the actual filling, our staff makes sure to blend it to match the existing color of your teeth. To complete the process, the outer surface of your tooth is hardened. Quick and easy! After all candy from Easter season, visit your Glendale Dentist at Hillside Dental Group.