It’s natural to have questions about fluoride and its effect on your child’s health and teeth.  After all, the media and public discourse on the subject often sends parents mixed messages about fluoride and it’s benefits and dangers.  While over exposure to fluoride can be dangerous, your Glendale family dentist, Dr. Raffi Yessayantz, knows how important of a role fluoride can play during the early stages of tooth development.  For exactly that reason, fluoride is now added to most municipal water supplies in safe amounts.  The fluoride is absorbed by children through their drinking water, and integrated by their bodies into developing teeth.  The end result: stronger, more structurally sound teeth that resist decay better throughout a person’s life.  When combined with the fluoride added to most toothpaste and many mouthwashes, these very low and safe levels of exposure have revolutionized the state of dental health in our communities!