1. Choose Us As Your Glendale Family Dentist and You’ll Have No Regrets

    Your family deserves the best possible dentistry services. However, over the years, damage causing accidents or age could be preventing that. If your family is in need of an improved smile, contact the experts as soon as possible. With your Glendale family dentist, we can transform your smile into one of your best features with our cosmetic procedures.  We take professionalism and courteous plumb…Read More

  2. Fruity Acids Can Damage Your Teeth According to Your Glendale Dental Care Center

    After eating a variety of acidic fruits for years, your teeth's enamel may be a little worn down. As a result, your teeth might feel sensitive to cold or eating. At Your Glendale dental care center, we have the treatment to help you! Our staff of professional dental hygienists will be able to advise on the perfect dental care for your mouth. Give us a call today to set up your first appointment.…Read More

  3. Are You Getting the Care You Deserve? Contact Our Dentist in Glendale, CA

    If you think your dental hygeine care is missing something, you could be right. If your teeth, gums, and mouth are not receiving care from your dentist in Glendale, CA they may not be maximizing their potential. With the highest quality equipment,  our office  is able to take your mouth's health and well-being to the next level. When looking for the perfect addition to your already great system,…Read More

  4. Looking for a Glendale Dentist with a Great Reputation?

    Making sure your mouth and teeth are at their cleanest at all times is nearly impossible. But with your Glendale dentist, the process is a little easier. When your mouth is begging for some TLC, contact us as soon as possible. Our team of expert and professionally trained employees offer you the fastest and deepest teeth cleaning to exceed every expectation you had set. Whether you're looking for …Read More

  5. Don’t Hire Just Anyone to Deal with your Teeth, Contact Our Dentist in the 91202 Area!

    When you’re looking for dental care in Glendale, CA, call your expert business in the area. With our additions to your family including cleaning, x-rays, and dental surgery, you'll have a reason to show off your smile! At your dentist in the 91201 area, you may notice our perfect mix of budget and affordable yet detail-oriented services. Don’t hire just anyone to work on your most precious ass…Read More

  6. Bring Your Child to Our Glendale Family Dentist

    When looking for dental care for your child, you'll want the most gentle and effective dentist available. At our Glendale family dentist, we have experience in dealing with a variety of ages to reach a completely comfortable appointment. As our staff is prepared to administer teeth cleanings and x-rays in a timely manner, your child won't have time to feel uncomfortable! Don't subject your childre…Read More

  7. Give Your Dad a Gift from Our Glendale Dental Care Center

    When you’re looking for that perfect gift for your father, father-in-law, husband, brother, or friend, we can help! At our Glendale Dental Care Center, you’ll find an experienced staff ready to polish your teeth, offer a teeth whitening, and even consult when it comes to dental hygiene. Our employees are able to offer that special male in your life professional services that will make your …Read More

  8. Come in for a Whitening Treatment with Your Dentist in Glendale, CA

    After a coffee every day, red wine with meals, and general staining, your smile isn't as white as it used to be. If you would like to brighten your teeth with a professional whitening treatment, contact your dentist in Glendale, CA. At the Hillside Dental Group, you'll find a friendly and hospitable staff prepared to whiten your teeth by shades during only one visit! With our team, you'll be in sa…Read More

  9. Your Diet Does Matter When it Comes to Dental Hygiene, According to Your Glendale Dentist

    The food you eat and the beverages you drink contribute to your overall as well as dental health. At your Glendale dentist, we are able to guide you in the right choices for a healthier and happier smile. In general, sugary and acidic foods are your teeth’s worst enemy. To avoid cavities, you'll want to limit yourself when it comes to your sugar intake as well as acidic fruits. Brushing your tee…Read More

  10. Take Advantage of Our New Patient Special at Your Dentist in 91202

    Dental work and regular cleanings can get expensive relatively quickly. At your dentist in the 91202 area, we are able to offer your family savings on our x-rays, cleanings, and exams! If you or your child is in need of a check-up, visit the Hillside Dental Group. In our office, you'll find our services valued at $295 for just $155! Your family's dental hygiene will no longer be dependent on the h…Read More