1. Contact the Professionals at Our Glendale Dental Care Center

    When trying to find the best family dentist, you'll want someone who's caring, trustworthy, and definitely affordable. At our Glendale dental care center, you'll find the best possible fit for your family. Our dental staff is there to make sure your experience is easy going and relaxing. We have experience in a variety of appointments including cleaning, root canals, and other oral issues. Contact…Read More

  2. Fruity Acids Can Damage Your Teeth According to Your Glendale Dental Care Center

    After eating a variety of acidic fruits for years, your teeth's enamel may be a little worn down. As a result, your teeth might feel sensitive to cold or eating. At Your Glendale dental care center, we have the treatment to help you! Our staff of professional dental hygienists will be able to advise on the perfect dental care for your mouth. Give us a call today to set up your first appointment.…Read More

  3. Give Your Dad a Gift from Our Glendale Dental Care Center

    When you’re looking for that perfect gift for your father, father-in-law, husband, brother, or friend, we can help! At our Glendale Dental Care Center, you’ll find an experienced staff ready to polish your teeth, offer a teeth whitening, and even consult when it comes to dental hygiene. Our employees are able to offer that special male in your life professional services that will make your …Read More

  4. For Convenience, Book Your Appointment Online with Your Glendale Dental Care Center

    Kids’ soccer practices, full-time jobs, and every day life is often too much to handle in one day. At your Glendale dental care center, we understand your family’s schedule is packed. But if you’re in need of  a filling, a root canal, or scheduled x-rays, book your appointment online! We’ll work with you and are very flexible when it comes to offering care on your time. Don’t wait any l…Read More

  5. Refresh Your Smile With a Whitening Treatment for Your Glendale Dental Care Center

    White teeth are the perfect complement to the brand new outfit or newly toned body. If you're teeth are looking not so bright, come see our Glendale dental care center today for a whitening treatment! Our in-office session will start with a 45 minute appointment leaving your teeth 5-10 shades whiter instantly! Over the counter treatments are great for getting those surface stains off your teeth. B…Read More

  6. Review the Possibility of Veneers with Your Glendale Dental Care Center

    Throughout the years, your teeth may have been chipped, stained, or worn down into different shapes because of sporting events, a coffee habit, or other sources of wear and tear. If this sounds like you or if you feel self-conscious about your smile or teeth alignment, contact your Glendale dental care center at Hillside Dental Group. Our veneers are designed to re-make your smile! They are applie…Read More

  7. Your Best Glendale Dental Care is at Hillside Dental Group

    Glendale dental care is not hard to find. However, professional and quality Glendale dental care is something you'll have to look a little harder for. At the Hillside Dental Group, our clients are only offered the best and professional services. Our dentist, Dr. Raffi Yessayantz, DDS, has over 25 years of experience. He has also trained some of the most well known dental specialists. With his Bach…Read More

  8. Wisdom Teeth Bothering You? Let Our Glendale Dental Care Be the Cure!

    Normally, our patients have their wisdom teeth removed between the ages of 17-20. If it is time to take that plunge or if you need x-rays to determine your standing, give our Glendale dental care office a call today! At Hillside Dental Group, we treat every patient with the privacy and professionalism we value. Our oral surgeons are experienced in what they do and offer only the best services when…Read More

  9. Professional Whitening at Glendale Dental Care

    At Glendale Dental Care, we offer many dental services to our customers including bridges, fillings, veneers, and teeth whitening! If you smile isn't as winter white as  you'd like it to be, come in today and experience our professional whitening procedure. Our whitening process is completely pain free and will last less than an hour. Our experienced dentists will double check your gums and  lip…Read More

  10. Glendale Dental Care Office Stresses Proper Brushing Techniques

    Brushing your teeth is more of a science than most patients give it credit for.  However, since proper Glendale dental care starts with proper brushing technique, we're here to set the record straight on how you should be going about it.  For starters, hold your brush at a 45 degree angle to your teeth and gums.  Gently apply enough pressure so that the bristles are in contact with your teeth a…Read More