1. Our Glendale Dentist Can Make Sure Your Hygiene Routine is in Check

    Your dental hygiene routine is very important for a healthy smile. With the Hillside Dental Group, you'll find the most professional Glendale dentist in the industry. Because we have years of experience, we are able to review your brushing techniques as well as flossing. Don't hesitate to schedule your appointment! Give us a call today to get started.…Read More

  2. Schedule Appointments Online with Your Glendale Dentist!

    Life is full of hectic schedules, deadlines, and much more. At Hillside Dental Group, we understand how busy your family is during the week. That is why we offer you the opportunity to schedule your appointments online! With a few simple clicks of your computer, you are able to correspond with our office regarding appointment times and what will work best for you. With our Glendale dentist, you'll…Read More

  3. Looking for a Glendale Dentist with a Great Reputation?

    Making sure your mouth and teeth are at their cleanest at all times is nearly impossible. But with your Glendale dentist, the process is a little easier. When your mouth is begging for some TLC, contact us as soon as possible. Our team of expert and professionally trained employees offer you the fastest and deepest teeth cleaning to exceed every expectation you had set. Whether you're looking for …Read More

  4. Your Diet Does Matter When it Comes to Dental Hygiene, According to Your Glendale Dentist

    The food you eat and the beverages you drink contribute to your overall as well as dental health. At your Glendale dentist, we are able to guide you in the right choices for a healthier and happier smile. In general, sugary and acidic foods are your teeth’s worst enemy. To avoid cavities, you'll want to limit yourself when it comes to your sugar intake as well as acidic fruits. Brushing your tee…Read More

  5. Your Glendale Dentist Offers the Opportunity for Patient Education

    Our Glendale dentist office believes in empowering our patients while providing excellent dental care. That is why we provide topics for patient education on our website as well as a full description of the services and procedures we offer. If it's after hours and you've got a question, not a problem! Visit our website for information on how much you should be brushing your teeth, how acidic drink…Read More

  6. How to Brush Your Teeth, According to Your Glendale Dentist

    Dental hygiene is super important when wanting to preserve your teeth for a lifetime! Brushing your teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash are great habits to have. When brushing your teeth, your Glendale dentist recommends first selecting your appropriate tooth brush. Usually a soft bristle brush with a small head is the way to go. The next step would be to make sure you are purchasing a toothpaste…Read More

  7. New Patient? Visit Our Glendale Dentist for $140 Worth of Savings!

    At your Glendale dentist, Hillside Dental Group, we are passionate about the services we offer. We don't want our clients to feel their dental health wishes are out of their reach. That is why we offer $140 worth of savings to our new clients! You'll receive x-rays, a cleaning, and an exam all at a discounted price. At your first appointment, you'll meet with our D.D.S. and begin establishing your…Read More

  8. Savings at Your Best Glendale Dentist!

    x-Rays, teeth cleanings, and teeth fillings can get pretty pricey and add up quickly. For that reason, your local Glendale dentist office offers $245 worth of services at a discounted rate of$155!  That price includes X-rays, a cleaning, and an exam for over $100 in savings for our customers.  At Hillside Dental Group, we like to give back and make sure all of our clients can afford the appropri…Read More

  9. Your Glendale Dentist and Financing

    Hillside Dental Group, your Glendale Dentist, believes everyone should have the opportunity for professional dental care. If you thought dental care was out of your reach, think again. We do accept most insurance companies used by the major employers in our area. In addition, our company offers financial assistance to our customers. Any bill paid in full (cash)  that is above $200 can enjoy a 5% …Read More

  10. Glendale Dentist on Fillings

    At your Dentist at Hillside Dental Group in Glendale, we perform cavity fillings after the holidays have taken their course on our teeth. Generally, our patients come twice a year and only for less than an hour. However, our fillings will last you anywhere from 5-12 years! To make you a little more comfortable, we will apply a numbing anesthetic to the area of your mouth we will be focusing on.  …Read More