1. Try and Avoid the Sugary Treats this Summer with Help from Your Glendale Family Dentist

    This summer is full of Popsicle, sugary treats, and unhealthy drinks. All that sugar may stick in your teeth leading to cavities or gingivitis. Thankfully, your Glendale family dentist is there to help! At our office you'll find the best possible advice on how to maximize your dental hygiene plan as well as plans on how to avoid any cavities and future fillings. Don't be afraid to participate in t…Read More

  2. Choose Us As Your Glendale Family Dentist and You’ll Have No Regrets

    Your family deserves the best possible dentistry services. However, over the years, damage causing accidents or age could be preventing that. If your family is in need of an improved smile, contact the experts as soon as possible. With your Glendale family dentist, we can transform your smile into one of your best features with our cosmetic procedures.  We take professionalism and courteous plumb…Read More

  3. Bring Your Child to Our Glendale Family Dentist

    When looking for dental care for your child, you'll want the most gentle and effective dentist available. At our Glendale family dentist, we have experience in dealing with a variety of ages to reach a completely comfortable appointment. As our staff is prepared to administer teeth cleanings and x-rays in a timely manner, your child won't have time to feel uncomfortable! Don't subject your childre…Read More

  4. Keep Up With Your Scheduled Cleanings at Your Glendale Family Dentist

    Preventative maintenance for your car and home is meant to make sure everything runs and functions much smoother on a regular basis. In terms of dental hygiene, scheduled cleanings will make sure your mouth is functioning at 100% efficiency! When you're looking to stay on top of your teeth cleanings, contact your Glendale family dentist for the job. Our professional and experienced staff will work…Read More

  5. Why Electric Toothbrushes Have Greater Potential: from Your Glendale Family Dentist

    Your Glendale family dentist believes in great dental hygiene to promote overall health for your gums and teeth. That said, the debate over a manual or electric toothbrush and which is more beneficial has been quite extensive.  If you look at the evidence, multiple studies have compared the two to find that the battery operated device is far superior. Because of it's vibrations, the brush head it…Read More

  6. Don’t Wait for Your Wisdom Teeth To Crowd Your Mouth, Contact Your Glendale Family Dentist ASAP

    The wisdom teeth, or the third molars, are usually seen in teenagers and young adults. Because they are not necessary for eating or any other function, they are commonly removed in order to eliminate pain or crowding. If you or your child is in need of wisdom teeth removal surgery, contact our office today. Our certified oral surgeons are able to perform either a regular tooth extraction or an i…Read More

  7. The Benefits of Fluoride According to Your Glendale Family Dentist

    Statistics have shown great results when it comes to fluoride and your teeth. Fluoride is the chemical in your drinking water that strengthens your teeth and reduces the possibility of decay.  It is especially beneficial to children who are in the 'losing teeth' stages. Their bodies will absorb the fluoride and their teeth will thank you! Now days, almost all dental hygiene products contain…Read More

  8. Is Flossing Really That Important? Yes, According to Your Glendale Family Dentist

    Most of the population when asked that question every six months, 'do you floss every day?' tells a little white lie by answering 'yes.' However, according to your Glendale Family Dentist at Hillside Dental Group,  flossing your gums is an extremely important part of dental hygiene.  We all know that, ideally, our patients would floss after every meal. We also understand those are some very hig…Read More

  9. Schedule Your Appointment Online at Your Glendale Family Dentist

    Visit Hillside Dental Group today to schedule your appointment via our website!  We understand days are full of appointments, errands, and obligations.  For convenience, we offer our clients the option to conduct scheduling online. Simply enter some of your personal information, including patient status (new or existing), along with your family members' names and phone numbers. One of our recept…Read More

  10. Let Hillside Dental Group be Your Glendale Family Dentist

    For new dental patients, Hillside Dental Group would like to offer you the opportunity to save over $140 on dental services! We are accepting all new patients whether your family is made up of adults or kids! We understand families can't always afford the expense associated to oral hygiene. That is why, at Hillside Dental  Group, we offer a patient education center to answer and explain all your…Read More