1. Glendale Family Dentist Weighs in on Fluoride and Tooth Development

    It's natural to have questions about fluoride and its effect on your child's health and teeth.  After all, the media and public discourse on the subject often sends parents mixed messages about fluoride and it's benefits and dangers.  While over exposure to fluoride can be dangerous, your Glendale family dentist, Dr. Raffi Yessayantz, knows how important of a role fluoride can play during the e…Read More

  2. Glendale Family Dentist Encourages Parents to Set a Good Example!

    There are many factors that go into encouraging your kids to develop healthy practices when it comes to dental health.  As a premier Glendale family dentist, here at Hillside Dental Group we tell parents that one of the most important things they can do is to model good dental health themselves.  Kids are always paying attention.  By setting a good example, brushing and flossing daily, and maki…Read More

  3. Your Glendale Family Dentist Knows Teen Dental Health

    At Hillside Dental Group we understand that each stage in life has its own dental health care challenges.  That's no different when it comes to teenagers.  As a premier Glendale family dentist, we understand that teens have unique needs that can include orthodontics, custom made mouth guards for athletics, and the need for education regarding the development and adherence to healthy habits that …Read More

  4. Glendale Family Dentist Encourages Parents to Model Good Dental Health Habits

    What advice does your neighborhood Glendale family dentist have when it comes to teaching kids the proper way to take care of their teeth?  Not surprisingly, one of the most important things you can do is take proper care of your own chompers!  Kids learn healthy habits by watching their parents.  Modeling regular brushing and flossing, and having your kids join in on the fun, is perhaps the be…Read More

  5. Visit Your Glendale Family Dentist Before the Holidays

    The holidays are full of fun, spending time with loved ones, and great food. With all the different events scheduled in on top of your regular schedule, it can be easy to forget dental hygiene. A great way to treat yourself right before all those holiday pictures is with a teeth whitening. We have a special coupon for new patients for the holiday season. Visit our site today to schedule an appoint…Read More

  6. Glendale Family Dentist on Fluoride & Decay Prevention

    Fluoride has many benefits in strengthening teeth and reducing tooth decay. It can be found in drinking water and will be absorbed into the body. It helps enamel grow on children's teeth and reduces the chances of tooth decay later in life. You can find fluoride in toothpaste and mouthwash that can continue benefits throughout life. Ask us more or visit us for other helpful tips.…Read More

  7. Quality Dental Care with Glendale Family Dentist

    Everyone thinks about what they want to eat, drink, and chew. Many people focus on what you eat and how it is important for your health. But your oral health is just as important to your overall health as what you eat. Maintaining healthy oral habits will contribute to your overall body health.  Routine dental check-ups can help make sure your teeth and gums are healthy. We also offer many other…Read More