1. Keep Up With Your Scheduled Cleanings at Your Glendale Family Dentist

    Preventative maintenance for your car and home is meant to make sure everything runs and functions much smoother on a regular basis. In terms of dental hygiene, scheduled cleanings will make sure your mouth is functioning at 100% efficiency! When you're looking to stay on top of your teeth cleanings, contact your Glendale family dentist for the job. Our professional and experienced staff will work…Read More

  2. For Convenience, Book Your Appointment Online with Your Glendale Dental Care Center

    Kids’ soccer practices, full-time jobs, and every day life is often too much to handle in one day. At your Glendale dental care center, we understand your family’s schedule is packed. But if you’re in need of  a filling, a root canal, or scheduled x-rays, book your appointment online! We’ll work with you and are very flexible when it comes to offering care on your time. Don’t wait any l…Read More

  3. Contact Your Dentist in Glendale, CA for Financial Assistance

    Dental care can get quite pricey if you're without insurance. For some, the cost may be not be affordable. At your dentist in Glendale, CA, we offer financial assistance for our clients in need of professional dental care. At the Hillside Dental Group, you'll have the option for a 5% accounting adjustment when your fees greater than $200 are paid in full by cash or check on the day of your appoint…Read More

  4. Your Glendale Dentist Offers the Opportunity for Patient Education

    Our Glendale dentist office believes in empowering our patients while providing excellent dental care. That is why we provide topics for patient education on our website as well as a full description of the services and procedures we offer. If it's after hours and you've got a question, not a problem! Visit our website for information on how much you should be brushing your teeth, how acidic drink…Read More

  5. As A New Customer, You’ll Rake in the Savings at Your Dentist in the 91202 Area

    These past few years have been tough financially for the economy. If you're still feeling the effects of the recession, know that you are not alone. At the Hillside Dental Group, your dentist in 91202, you'll find we like to pass the savings onto our clients as much as possible. If you're a new client looking for a general check-up, you could not have come at a better time. Our office will offer a…Read More

  6. Why Electric Toothbrushes Have Greater Potential: from Your Glendale Family Dentist

    Your Glendale family dentist believes in great dental hygiene to promote overall health for your gums and teeth. That said, the debate over a manual or electric toothbrush and which is more beneficial has been quite extensive.  If you look at the evidence, multiple studies have compared the two to find that the battery operated device is far superior. Because of it's vibrations, the brush head it…Read More

  7. Refresh Your Smile With a Whitening Treatment for Your Glendale Dental Care Center

    White teeth are the perfect complement to the brand new outfit or newly toned body. If you're teeth are looking not so bright, come see our Glendale dental care center today for a whitening treatment! Our in-office session will start with a 45 minute appointment leaving your teeth 5-10 shades whiter instantly! Over the counter treatments are great for getting those surface stains off your teeth. B…Read More

  8. Keep Up With Your Dental Hygiene with Your Dentist in Glendale, CA

    Good dental hygiene is extremely important for the health of your mouth. If you're in line for a teeth cleaning or check-up, contact your dentist in the Glendale, CA area. With our five step approach to appointments, you'll be out and in in almost no time. Beginning the appointment, our staff will make sure to examine your jaw, neck, and lymph nodes to eliminate the possibility of sores or decay…Read More

  9. How to Brush Your Teeth, According to Your Glendale Dentist

    Dental hygiene is super important when wanting to preserve your teeth for a lifetime! Brushing your teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash are great habits to have. When brushing your teeth, your Glendale dentist recommends first selecting your appropriate tooth brush. Usually a soft bristle brush with a small head is the way to go. The next step would be to make sure you are purchasing a toothpaste…Read More

  10. If You’re Looking for a Dental Bridge, See Our Dentist in the 91202 Area

    Over the years, teeth do wear down. If you've got healthy teeth between spaces of gums or decaying teeth, a bridge is probably the best idea for your smile and dental health. At our dentist office in the 91202 area, we'll provide either a removable or fixed bridge, depending on your preference. Contact us today to set up your appointment! First, you'll be numbed to decrease pain while our technici…Read More